Bong Joint Size Guide – How To Measure Your Joint Size & Gender

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Use this link to also get 10% off your purchase of a new downstem or bowl. Glass joints have turn into standardized so you possibly can switch between completely different bong bowls, ashcatchers, and other equipment. We’ll give an overview on common glass joint configurations and dimensions. Also very common, 18mm joint sizes are generally used on larger units like straight tubes or beakers. This size provides optimum air flow and could be identified utilizing a similar dime technique.
This joint measurement is very common among standard water pipes, particularly small to medium-sized ones. To see in case your joint dimension is 14mm, seize a dime and maintain it over the end of your pipe or bowl piece, whichever one is female dankstop 18mm to 14mm vertical cut downstem. 14mm joints are slightly smaller than a dime, so if the dime doesn’t match into it, the joint is most likely 14mm. If the joint issignificantlysmaller, although, you could have a 10mm joint in your hands.
Find a wonderful number of bong attachments and bong parts in your pipe or bong. We carry an excellent selection of glass on glass adapters ranging from 14mm to 18mm and 18mm to 18mm sizes in both male and female glass adapters. All of our glass on glass adapters are customized made using borosilicate glass, giving industrial energy and durability on your glass piece.

We have put collectively the simplest and easiest method to determine what measurement joint your bong is utilizing only a penny. You don’t have to fret about discovering a ruler just follow the following few steps and you’ll know instantly what size joint you could have. The image above also helps you determine the bowl measurement using a dime. A 14mm male bowl piece is about three/4 of the dimensions of a dime whereas an 18mm male bowl piece is sort of the complete dimension of a dime.
Some of the folks like customized-sized bong bowls which can be larger than 18mm. If you are interested in buying a bong bowl and it’s your first time, the 14mm could be the perfect size for you.
When your bong’s glass bowl breaks, it might look like it’s time to purchase a brand new piece. And, whereas buying a new bong is definitely an option, you can even substitute this part with a brand new bowl. Simply take away the old piece and place the new piece contained in the downstem, and insert the new one.
These are the questions I had when purchasing my first piece. I’m here to shed some gentle on these questions for you. moking units like rigs which are designated for authorized concentrates or oils work finest with male joints. So a male will solely join with a female, and vice versa.

This could be very simple if your joint is male it’ll use the identical sized feminine accessories. If your joint is feminine, it’ll use the same sized male equipment. The joint size is described by a variety of the shape xx/yy.
The downstem you pick also is dependent upon the kind of male bowl you propose to use. Like joints, glass bowls come in 10, 14 and 18mm, so you need to make sure your new downstem matches your bowl. Downstems have one joint for the bowl and one other to hook up with the pipe.
Every elements of your setup – from water pipes and dab rigs to bowls and ashcatchers – is either male or female. Once you could have established whether or not your water pipe has a male or female joint, you will know which accessories empire glassworks rocket ship bong will fit it. As widespread sense will let you know, a feminine joint will fit with male accessories, and a male joint will fit with female accessories.
Usually, herb slides have two sizes, which are 14mm and 18mm, however different shops might supply extra sizes. As you’ll be able to see in the image above, the penny goes down about halfway on the 18mm feminine joint. The penny check is the easiest method to measure the glass joint, and determine what size your bong joint is. Another widespread joint size, 18mm joints are normally only discovered on the biggest bongs. This is to increase airflow for the reason that piece is way larger.


The infographic under will break down all becoming sizes, male and female. These will apply to all up to date bowls AND nails. When you first venture into the glass world, there are parts that may come throughout as confusing.
If you employ water pipes or dab rigs, there inevitably comes a time when a part of your setup – whether it’s a bowl, nail, or one thing else – will take a fall and break. You must then begin your seek for a alternative half, and it is only at this stage that many consumers realise they don’t know what they’re on the lookout for. Yes, your bowl, ash catcher, adapter, drop down, nail, just about any accent, has a gender. Now with this being mentioned, we will work out if your pipe is a male or female. You will have to leave the gap between the water chamber and the feminine joint.
So shall we say your brand new water pipe has a 14mm feminine joint, and you are on the lookout for a bowl to correctly match it. You will want a male 14mm bowl for the items to be appropriate. All in all, joint sizes will have to match as much as be appropriate, whereas the gender will have to be reverse. Almost all small-medium sized bongs and dab rigs have 14mm joints. To discover out in case your joint is a 14mm all you need is a dime.

8mm Joints

The first quantity denotes the skin diameter of the top of the tapered male joint and the second number denotes the size of the joint. For example, a 14/20 joint (pronounced “fourteen-twenty”) is 14 mm extensive empire glassworks cactus bowl slide on the prime and is 20 mm long. 19/22 and 24/40 are two different quite common joint sizes.

How To Measure

Simply including a quartz banger can do the trick or you’ll be able to change your joint with any of our useful glass adapters. they permit you to change your existing water pipe or dab rig joint to just about any dimension or gender you favor.
With over 100 different bong equipment you will certainly find what you are looking for here at Badass Glass. A glass adapter can allow you to convert a water pipe into a dab rig. You also can use a glass adapter to make use of a special measurement bowl on a different measurement joint. By design, all bongs and dab rigs have joints which might be a sure size. The similar sizes are used for accessories, including ash catchers, bowls, and more.

This is the child joint and is mostly used on mini rigs and small water pipes. There is not any downstem that can go into this and solely works with a 10mm male joint.
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Downstems come in 14mm to 14mm, 18mm to 18mm, 14mm to 18mm and 18 to 14mm. While these are the requirements for smoking supplies, there are ways to vary up each the gender and dimension of your favourite smoking device. Now you have decided whether your water pipe or rig is male or female, you need to establish the size of the joint. Joint sizes are measured in millimeters and usually are available in three commonplace sizes. We advocate shopping for your substitute downstems and bowls from its420somewhere.com online smoke store.

Easy Methods To Measure The Sizes Of Bong Bowls

These are made to suit larger attachments , and are generally discovered on larger water pipes and oil rigs. The Joint Size refers back to the diameter of the outlet that your downstem or bowl will match into, usually these joint sizes don’t make much of a distinction by themselves. For holding the ingredients, removable elements are hooked up to the bongs. The commonest of them is the bowl piece, which usually comes as a 14mm bowl or an 18mm bowl. If you need bowls in bigger sizes, you’ll be able to attempt to search for them in varied on-line stores.

A much less frequent size is the 10mm, usually used on very small dab rigs. Measure the glass joint measurement has all the time been a frightening task till now. With all of the completely different angles, sizes, and genders it could possibly get slightly confusing.

How To Measure Your Bong Joint Size Using A Dime

From what we realized in 3rd grade, numbers are rounded up or down. This is when it’s necessary to know in regards to the joint gender and dimension of your smoking supplies. Even when you purchase the incorrect equipment or bowl pieces, or just need to use your equipment on all your items, you can always purchase adapters. If you want to know the way to measure the sizes of bong bowls, you can instantly examine two different bong bowls with one another to see the differences in size and components.
  • Simply including a quartz banger can do the trick or you possibly can change your joint with any of our useful glass adapters.
  • For occasion, I can convert my 18mm female water pipe joint right into a 14mm male joint that will be nice for dabs.
  • they permit you to change your existing water pipe or dab rig joint to just about any size or gender you prefer.

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Bong joint sizes are available three different sizes, 10mm, 14mm or 18mm. The most common joint measurement is 14mm, you’ll not often see 10mm joints and 18mm joints are usually only find on the biggest sized bongs. If you see anyone point out 14.5mm or 18.8mm joints do not get confused these are the identical as 14mm and 18mm joints. The first and most essential thing to know when figuring out the right piece to buy is the joint gender. Bongs, bowls, nails, ash catchers, adapters, dropdowns, and all other bong parts have a gender, male or female.
This is the largest of the standard joint sizes used within the business. These joints are used on many water pipes which have a downstem.
For occasion, I can convert my 18mm feminine water pipe joint into a 14mm male joint that will be great for dabs. Not only can you employ a glass adapter as a converter but you can even use it as an extension. This is great for many dab nails as a result of the heat switch will solely put stress on the adapter as an alternative of directly to your water pipe.

Glass Accessories

The top can decide the glass joint measurement of the bong bowl. The normal joint sizes of bongs begin from 10mm as much as 18.8mm, whilst you can establish the 14mm glass joint dimension as a mid-measurement bong bowl. Often referred to as ‘Micro’ or ‘Nano’ joints, and sometimes as ‘12mm’ joints, 10mm joints are mostly discovered on smaller dab rigs and water pipes. 18.8mm joints, the most important standard size, are sometimes sold by smoke outlets as 18mm or 19mm joints.
People are inclined to get confused when trying to determine what size glass joint they’ve. But it’s not as difficult as folks make it out to be.
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If the dime is about the identical dimension as your joint its a 14mm. If the dime falls into the joint its an 18mm, and if the joint is much smaller than a dime you could have a 10mm joint. Before you go purchase a new bong bowl or nail you have to know the joint measurement of your bong or dab rig.

When we make the joints in home we solely make them with holes not slits. The very first thing you need to know if you start to buy new equipment in your setup is the sex of the joint on your water pipe.

Using your measurements, you can now shop for a brand new downstem. Shopping at on-line headshops permits you to find the precise length and width you need.
If a dime falls into your joint then you’ve an 18mm joint. Again, for context, that means we are taking a look at roughly ten blunts or twelve to fifteen joints. And of course diamond glass gavel hammer bubbler, should you wish to smoke out of glassware or bongs, the quantity of use you get will actually be subjective to how you pack your bowls.
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All you need to know is that male pieces go into female joints and female pieces go on top of male joints. So if your bong has a female joint you will want to buy a male jointed bowl or dab nail and vice versa.
This is so as to have a pleasant giant downstem and have what we predict is the proper bubblers 1 size joint for your bowl. This 19mm male joint matches perfectly with a 19mm male joint.
For example, a drop down might convert a 10 mm joint to 14 mm, permitting people who smoke to make use of a bigger bowl. The dropdown can even convert dab rigs and bongs to a unique “gender”. This is the commonest glass joint size for rigs and water pipes that wouldn’t have a removable down stem. A 14mm-10mm downstem is what is used in this joint when you have a detachable downstem.
Keeping these sizes consistent ensures that new elements are suitable with these items, and in addition maximizes the flow of the smoke. Dab rig and bong dropdowns are a means for smokers to transform the piece to a unique measurement.
If you try any of this stuff anyways, you’ll not have a great time. Every bong accommodates two kinds of joints, that are male and female. Both of these joints are specific in dimension, and you can solely install a water pipe on it if the male and female joints match.
Most also known as micro or nano joints, 10mm joints are usually solely discovered on pendant rigs or the smallest dab rigs designed for extreme portability. A 10mm joint is simple to identify because this can be very small. While smoking a glass water pipe, there is a high probability that debris could land within the chamber of the piece. Like dropdowns, glass adapters are compatible with glass pipes and water pipes.
If you’ll be able to match a dime by way of the feminine joint of your pipe or bowl piece, it’s 18mm. When shopping for equipment on your bong, such as additional bowls, nails, or ashcatchers, know the scale you’re looking for. You can’t squeeze a 18.8mm male nail right into a 14.4mm female joint, and 10mm male bowls will not get a decent seal on a 18.8mm feminine joint.

Especially now that we have three easy steps listed right right here that can assist you measure your glass joint with ease. If the joint in your water pipe faces straight up to the sky, you will want a nail angled at 90° to ensure it faces upwards when linked to your rig.
Although you possibly can get hold of an enormous variety of bong bowls, you should purchase a good one for a couple hundred dollars. #DogsofTwitter must be compatible with bong bowls and are replaceable with different random-sized bong bowls. The material utilized in bong bowls is mainly glass as a result of it is durable and might last a very long time.

For this purpose what ever your length is just be sure you get one shorter than the measurement you acquired, or it could simply not match. If you want an ideal dimension, hitus up and we will make one for you the perfect dimension.
After testing the water level beneath, you can put a mark on the down-stem at the very last level beneath the joint. In this manner, testing the filling level is done easily. The picture below shows you how to identify what gender your bowl or bong joint is.

You can use a pencil, pen or straight object you can put all the way in which down in your water pipe or bong. Insert the thing into the feminine glass joint so that it is about 1/2 inch from the underside of your water pipe of dab rig. This will be the size of the down-stem needed on your piece. Remember there are so so many various lengths that a downstem can be and that replacement downstems are pretty normal.

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When comparing different dab nails, you’ll notice that some are designed with a 90° angled neck, while some include a 45° angled neck. This is to accommodate for in another way angled water pipe joints, and to ensure that the nail is all the time going through upwards when related. Usually sold by smoke retailers as 14mm joints, these are among the most typical joint sizes you can see.

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